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Breast Cancer Malpractice

Our Breast Cancer Malpractice site is dedicated to the thousands of tragic victims of wrongful death caused by medical misdiagnosis of breast cancer symptoms. Our national lawyer network links together victims of breast cancer and medical malpractice attorneys. Our network covers California to Massachusetts malpractice attorneys.

Medical malpractice generally occurs when your doctor fails to follow acceptable and recognized methods for the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer symptoms. The resulting delay in treatment can result in the unnecessessary progression of cancer that was otherwise preventable or at least treatable. Misdiagnosis of breast cancer by the misreading of tests, or ignoring test findings such as mammograms can constitute malpractice. The question in each case is whether the doctor's negligence caused a delay in treatment or worse, an unnecessary advancement in the stages of breast cancer.

The longer the delay the worse; for example a long delay can mean the difference between stage 1and stage 4 cancer which could drop survival rates 81%. Breast Cancer survival rates greatly depend on early detection and treatment.

In this site you will learn what what you should do...what your doctor should do; what signs he/you should look for and what tests are available. We also offer resources such as support links for personal injury cancer victims. Here you can learn what your legal rights are by our free case evaluation to an experienced medical malpractice attorney.

The American Cancer Society estimates that 203,500 new invasive cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in women in the United States during 2004. Over 40,000 are expected to die. Many of these deaths would be prevented by the absence of medical negligence.

If your Doctor has been guilty of misdiagnosis or negligent treatment of your breast cancer symptoms and you have suffered because of it please contact us for a free legal consultation about your legal rights and a confidential case evaluation.

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